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Governing in Times of Profound Change:

A Virtual Workshop for Ontario University Board Members

Technology Tips

  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser.  If you are having
    issues with Chrome please check to see if you have the latest
    update by following this link:
  • Ensure you are not connected to a VPN and close all
    other programs and browsers including Outlook & Teams.
  • If you are having trouble hearing the event, ensure the volume
    is turned up and that your headphones are plugged in (if
  • If your stream is choppy or lagging, click the settings icon at the
    bottom right of the video player and change to a lower quality
    video. If you still require assistance, click the help button at the
    bottom of the webpage
  • To watch the video in full screen, click on the icon with the four arrows in the bottom right corner of your video player

Have a question for our keynote or panelists? Participate in the Q&A by
submitting a question on Slido, next to the video player. Questions can
be submitted throughout the session but will be asked at the end of
each session during a scheduled Q&A period. Questions will be
moderated and may be edited to combine more than one question of a
similar nature.